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About Us

We believe in the power of the earth and its healing properties.

We believe in being good citizens, caring for our planet and our community.

We believe that self-care

in a sustainable, plant-based

way helps us be better humans.

We also believe that life needs to

carry a few laughs and fun along

the way, so we'll often be found exploring in nature with our pups or growing more cilantro in our gardens than any family ever needs!

We are a small family business operating on the traditional lands of the Anishnaabeg people, now known as Simcoe County

Our Story

Life was busy and it was hard to find time to truly relax and disconnect from the rushed pace of work and family. Being a firm believer that taking care of oneself leads to better care for all, we started on a quest to find ways to take better care

of our minds and bodies. This quest led us in many wonderful directions from purposeful career path changes which grew our belief in the human-animal bond (and added a furry family member or two), to seeking out more

Our journey began as a true passion project!

natural ways to take care of ourselves (discovering some of us were better at yoga than others).

We found that a natural junction between many of these points came back to how we care for ourselves and finding natural, animal friendly, earth friendly bath and body products that helped to heal the skin, calm the mind, soothe the senses and just generally relax and destress became our mission. Not having much luck checking off all of those boxes, we decided to try making them ourselves.


With the help of family and friends who served as initial product testers (thank you to those adventurous souls), the Green Roots Apothecary product line was born!

Our intention with this Apothecary is to curate a collection of products and items that continue to build the connection between caring for self and caring for others, while maybe adding a touch of magic along the way!

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